even clean hands cause damage #10 Saturday 9 November @ Summerhill Bowling Club: All-dayer with Shopping, Halo Halo, ILL, Beauty Pageant, Expensive, No Ditching, Kinky, Elopes, Council Tax Band, Rexine & Witch Hands

Posted on October 6, 2013



even clean hands cause damage #10 all-dayer with Shopping, Halo Halo, ILL, Beauty Pageant, Expensive, No Ditching, Kinky, Elopes, Council Tax Band, Rexine & Witch Hands

Saturday 9 November 2013

Doors at 3pm (first band at 3:30pm)

Summerhill Bowling Club (Winchester Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 6EH)

Advance tickets £6 from WeGotTickets or £8 on the door

including The Canny Little Library, Green & Black Cross, Newcastle Nerd PunxThe Candy Vortex & Bent Bars

Facebook event

L A T E S T  N E W S !!!!

6/10/2013: Volunteers wanted!!!

Due to the move of venue I am going to sell vegan/veggie food on the day (to help cover the cost of the room hire) so I am looking for a few volunteers who would be up for serving food throughout the day. You get free entry, a meal and a warm glowing feeling that money can’t buy. Message me or email me (julia dot h dot downes at gmail dot com) if you are interested.

4/10/2013: Venue change!!

The Heartattack & Vine has suddenly closed and cancelled all forthcoming events. Not cool. However the Summerhill Bowling Club miraculously had the 9 November free. So the all-dayer is going to be held there instead. A couple of changes due to the move have to be made: NO LONGER BYOB as they have a small bar there and THERE ARE NO WORKSHOPS as we only have one space. All tickets are still valid and you should be notified of the change of venue via the WeGotTickets folks.

B A N D  R O L L – C A L L !!!!


London-based Shopping are a super-group of sorts. Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Golden Grrrls and Sacred Paws), Andrew Milk (Bloody Knees and Milk records) and Billy Easter (Wetdog) formed Shopping in November 2012. Many have found the propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass addictive. After July’s sell-out debut single ‘In Other Words’, a 6music session for Mark Riley and a firm party reputation at their homestead Power Lunches, Shopping will be touring to promote their highly anticipated debut LP ‘Consumer Complaints’ due for release on 4 November on Milk records.

Halo Halo

Halo Halo are based in South London. Rachel Horwood (also of Trash Kit), Jack Barraclough and Gill Partington make a primal, hyper-melodic music that makes you want to dance into the mountains and throw a rope around the moon. Naming their band after a very colourful, refreshing hotchpotch of a dessert from the Philippines (where Rachel’s family are from) the same random delight and faith in surprise is central to their music, shot through in clattering technicolour by traditional forms of Filipino music like Tiboli and the mystical chanting and sacred percussion of the Ifugao. Halo Halo’s well-received self-titled LP was released this summer by Upset the Rhythm records.

Ill Witness the Illness

Manchester’s ILL aim to fly into pure expression until euphoric heavy jump up and down noise is created. A strong feminist ethic persists in the ideology and creative approaches employed by ILL. The sometimes structured, sometimes spontaneous, compositions embrace the entire emotional spectrum and hold a furious energy close to their hearts. New single ‘Kremlin’ was recently released as part of the Valentine Records singles club on 25 September 2013.

beauty pageant

Local favourites Beauty Pageant are Helen Papaioannou, Daniel Dixon and Marie Thompson. They make a big loud raucous circus like clatter comprising of pounding drums, detuned guitar, gnarly baritone sax and sticky banshee vocals. Sometimes playful, sometimes minimal, always noisy! New EP ‘Torso’ is due to be released by Leave Me Here and Box Records in early November 2013.


Expensive (Bristol): A gathering electro-pop sass storm. I spy a Middle One.

No Ditching (Pity Me, Durham): ‘Peculiar snotty brilliance’ from the sweatiest basement in Pity Me featuring members of Fashanu, Martha, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park and Esh Colliery Band

Kinky (Durham City/Newcastle upon Tyne) Kinky is a queer unapologetic anti-macho sissy 3 piece. Fuck off. (Changed their name from Bro-destroyer)

Elopes (Sheffield) The Steel City’s very own queer femme two piece. Rather brash, rather noisy, ever so very slightly feminist too. You’re in for a indie-pop-garage-pop treat.

Council Tax Band (Bedford) Consisting of two guitars, synth & drums, Bedford’s Council Tax Band write exuberant songs about boredom, disappointment and swimming pool closures; as such they’re sure to be a money-spinner with the lucrative pre-teen demographic.

Rexine (Newcastle upon Tyne) Alternately jagged and jangly, discordant and catchy, noisy and bittersweet Rexine ooze with the energy of post-punk mayhem, with all low-rent glamour and absinthe in the punch.

Witch Hands (Middlesbrough): Five year old girl with the hands of a crone

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