echcd #9 Los Cripis (Argentina), Silver Fox & secret special guests – Thursday 25 July @ Small Change

Posted on June 25, 2013


los cripis flier - 25 july

it has been a while but the next even clean hands cause damage gig is going to be so rad. starting from the right place of girl gossip and rumours. taking a chance on a new venue. mythology and secrets. hearts beating fast. running around like lightning.

small change is a new vintage shop that is opening up right next to the star & shadow cinema. they haven’t had many shows there yet so this is a bit of an experiment. but it does mean that we have a blank canvas to create whatever we want to happen. so this gig is all-ages. b.y.o.b. free zine on entry. £5 in. d.i.y. not for profit. nobody turned away due to lack of funds, doors at 8pm – first band at 8:30pm at the latest. you want to make sure you have this in your diary and in yr life.

los cripis logo

l o s   c r i p i s are two girls and one man from buenos aires in argentina. they are pure treasure. they claim to be the “creators of swasi rock”  and make “primitive, lo-fi, kaleidoscopic DIY guitar songs” that sound like “garage, without effects, full of saturation, melodies and spirit”. los cripis have released two cassettes on the farsical cassette label – fat and our first album (which is actually their second) – that you can download for free. They have been in the UK/Europe once before and hung out with all the cool kids and are coming back round with their third release. this is going to be so good. check out their colorful, lo fi and pop antics in their video for mountains. you can find out more about them on their website, facebook  and at farsical cassettes

silver fox

s i l v e r   f o x  are just dreamy. one of my favourite bands to see in newcastle. they have had two records out so far on labels run by some great people who are definitely my go-to people for music geekage. the first single waves on in/marble world came out on m’lady’s records, a rad label based in portland oregon run by fiona and brett. if you don’t already listen to veronica ortuno’s online radio show cease to exist you need it in yr life. the next single capital kiss/arosa was released by milk records, that is based in london, already released some great records by trashkit, divorce & woolf, run by andrew milk who is in cover girl and shopping.  they have a blog and you can listen.

x x x x x x x x x x x

and a super secret special guest

facebook event here if that floats yr boat

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