ECHCD #8 Brilliant Colors, The Proper Ornaments & Martha // Tuesday 9 April at Morden Tower

Posted on March 27, 2013


Brilliant Colors

Yay! Next even clean hands cause damage gig is coming up soon. I am hoping that spring will break out all over the city in time for this. It wants to. Super excited about being able to have Brilliant Colors come over to Newcastle. I last saw them in Leeds at a pretty weird gig at Joseph’s Well with La La Vasquez a few years back. Having them play at Morden Tower (Back Stowell Street, West Walls,  Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4XG – tower room in the west city walls, down a cobbled alley, behind all the chinese restaurants – where the rats & dumpsters are!!) makes sense. Should be an amazing intimate DIY punk show. Trust me you want to make sure you see this. Make sure you get there early, it’s only a 40 person capacity, you get a free zine and you can bring your own booze/poison.

B R I L L I A N T C O L O R S (San Francisco): Once all-girl noise-pop band (now with one nice dude). BC fits perfectly into the Slumberland Records aesthetic: washes of reverb, bubblegum melodies, and shoestring-budget production. LPs ‘Introducing’ and ‘Again and Again’ are dreamy. They are over to promote their new record “I was born a fantasist”. Check out Jess (of BC) and Eric’s DIY record label Make-a-Mess for more treats!

T H E P R O P E R O R N A M E N T S (London) Duo comprising of members of current goth-tinged, punk-flecked indie pop sensations Veronica Falls play songs with languid drift, rainy day vibes and ethereal pop power. One of the ornaments runs the DIY Germs of Youth label. They put out that rad Dolly Mixture double LP.

M A R T H A (Durham) Vegan straightedge DIY pop band. Members of ONSIND, Fashanu, Winona ForeverNo Ditching, Discount Horse record label runners

Facebook event if you are into that sort of thing here

If you fancy following them or you live/are visiting a different city check out their other tour dates. Seriously the boat show in London organised by Bryony (Modern Hate Vibe) & Negative Space looks killer…


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