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Posted on March 6, 2013


Bit late I know… sorry. S’been tough to keep on top of my blog. Here’s my picks of what is left of March x x

Thursday 7 March


International Women’s Day event at The Cluny 2, 7pm
Entry £3/£5/£7

The Newcastle Women’s Collective have come together once again to bring you a sparkling night of entertainment by women for women. The line-up includes Iceni, Kate Fox, |Ladies of Midnight Blue, Ms Danby, Martine Dellard and many more

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Anaïs Mitchell

  Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer
  Caedmon Hall at Gateshead Central Library, Gateshead

£14 advance tickets





Friday 8 March

twisted sisters

Twisted Sisters at Heartattack and Vine (51 Lime Street, Newcastle), 7:30pm

Hella weird flyer of intrigue for an International Women’s Day gig. Electrelane front woman Verity  Susman (probing new territory with an epic audio-visual set)  Lady Caroline Mary,  Mush & Miss Danby  and the What.

Advance tickets are £8 (£10 on the door)

More information here





whos sticks

Who’s Sticks? at The Empty Shop (Durham), 7:30pm, Free

THE CASUAL TERRORIST Unbelievable, biting anti-folk/punk with touching and thoughtful lyrics. A rare talent from Newcastle!

FERRET LEGS Gentle and sweet folky tales of anxiety and happenstance from Newcastle!

PLUS poetry readings from a selection of local writers!

Drinks available from the well stocked Empty Shop bar.

And vegan curry folks’ kitchen on offer to tickle your tastebuds!




Equal Fest Friday 8th & Saturday 9 March  at The 1 in 12 Club Bradford

Equal Fest Sunday 10th March at Wharf Chambers, Leeds


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Saturday 9 March


R.RING at The Cluny, 8pm, £12.50 advance 

R. Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery.
It is voices, guitars and keys.
It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song. It is new.
It is, at the very least, a stark departure from the music they make in their other bands (Kelley with The Breeders and Mike with Ampline)

Kelley lives in Dayton, Ohio.
Mike lives in Dayton, Kentucky.


Friday 15 March


Troublemakers #1 at The Empty Shop (Durham), 6pm-9pm, Free

Panel discussion: Producing DIY Feminist Cultural Activisms: The role of zines, art & music. Kate Wadkins, Melanie Maddison & Julia Downes

Onsind is an acoustic pop-punk band from Pity Me, Durham made up of Nathan and Daniel.

Andrew Lips is a queer song-writer who has been releasing albums endlessly since 2006.

Pop up zine library, bookstall & distro by BRAIN WAVES, The People’s Bookshop, Newcastle Nerd Punx & The Canny Little Library (tbc)

Exhibition of Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women

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Saturday 23 March


Rad gig at The Fish Tank (Durham), 8pm, £4

MUNCIE GIRLS – Superb Exeter Punk Rock.

LOSING SLEEP – Infectiously catchy yet sincere emo-punk from Kingston Upon Thames.

T-SHIRT WEATHER – Simultaneously playful and captivating pop-punk from Durham.

SOME SORT OF THREAT – Swift, observational masterpieces of lyrical folk-punk from Exeter,

OLIVE ANNE – Incisive, striking lyricism beating to a tachycardic folk-punk pulse from Bristol.

DANGLE MANATEE – Equal measures of hopefulness and cynicism in a folk-punk bun from Durham.

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Thursday 28 March


Leeds Queer Film Festival @ Wharf Chambers & Temple Works

Leeds Queer Film Festival platforms and promotes LGBTI&Q artists, filmmakers and other cultural producers. We are creating a space to showcase queer cinema with a focus on independent and DIY films. We will be screening films that centre on the experiences and are the voices of queer and trans, people of colour, sex workers, and those with non binary queer experiences. We also welcome films from queer people that don’t explicitly have a ‘queer’ focus.”

Full programme, tickets and information here


Friday 29 March


THE CANDY VORTEX at The Dog & Parrot, 8pm, £4 advance

BROWN BROGUES Manchester’s World Touring noise duo Brown Brogues will be serving you a jive-O-tonic from a candy cup!

GIRL SWEAT Seeping out of Leeds’ dirty knickers Girl Sweat will be hitting you up with some alternative exotica garage low fi noise punk for all you Candy Lovers that are partial to a savory snack from time to time.

BEAUTY PAGEANT Newcastle based Beauty Pageant create a pick and mix noise bag full of broken guitars, gnarly saxophone, pounding drums with the vocals of a sickly sweet banshee sprinkled on top!



Saturday 30 March


Mad Smacks Behold the Wonder Dome at Walker Dome (Newcastle)

NRG Canny Belters vs Hellfire Harlots

Whippin Hinnies vs. Fierce Valley!

More information at




Monday 1 April


Easter Monday at The Fish Tank (Durham), 7:30pm, £5

RVIVR (Olympia, WA) Absolutely incredible punk music from the USA, but you probably already know this band and listen to them all the time and stuff.

Dogjaw (Olympia, WA) Awesome grungey-DIY punk from the Pacific North West. Download their latest record from Rumbletowne Records for free! It’s mint!

Martha (Pity Me, Durham) Sweaty local DIY punks recently adopted by the well fragranced UK indie-pop scene, partly out of sympathy, and partly because we know Pete Dale. Sing-alongs, harmonies and grand literary allusions.

Liz Cronin (Edinburgh, Scotland) Super sharp, catchy, occasionally hilarious, charming, queer-feminist singer songwriter from north of the border.