even clean hands cause damage #7: roseanne barrr, fret! & beauty pageant @ Morden Tower Tuesday 13 November

Posted on November 4, 2012


This November I’m teaming up with the very excellent and audacious ladies of Beauty Pageant Marie and Helen to bring you a dirty noisy gig in an ancient monument because that’s how we like to do things in the North East.

Roseanne Barrr are a drum/bass No Wave Noise Punk from South London, with songs about sex and criminality. They are on tour cuz they have an LP out ‘REPULSION’ in November on Primative Sounds & Tuff Enuff.

Fret! are from Newcastle upon Tyne. I haven’t seen them in action yet but have only heard good things like haunting, hypnotic, noisegaze.

Beauty Pageant gnarly, squawky, growly, bashy.

It’s only THREE POUNDS in and BYOB. Much fun.

Facebook event thing here

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